The /r/travel subreddit over at has a great thing going on. People from all around the world are making guides about traveling to their home countries, then sharing these guides with the community. These posts were made by numerous people over the course of a few weeks. To make things easier to find, I consolidated them all into one post here:






Here are twelve websites to help you find answers to the questions you have about life.


Ever like a song, but have no idea who sings it or what it’s called? Then is for you. Just sing or even hum a song into your computer’s microphone, and will show you exactly what you are looking for.


2. /r/tipofmytongue

If you are having trouble remembering that movie, picture, video, or whatever, ask the /r/tipofmytongue subreddit and someone out there will find it for you.


3. /r/whatisthisthing

Have something, but have no idea what it is? This subreddit is a place for identifying your strange objects.


4. /r/whatsthisbug

Another subreddit! This one helps you identify your creepy, crawly friends.


5. /r/whatsthisplant

Similar to the subreddit above. Have plants quickly identified at this subreddit.


6. /r/whatstheword

Get help finding that word that you just can’t quite remember.


7. tip of my tongue

Pretty much just like the subreddit above, but with a different methodology.


8. /r/answers

Get the answers to everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.


9. /r/explainlikeimfive

Get complex concepts you would like to understand better explained to you in a friendly and simplified way.


10. /r/askscience

Improve your scientific literacy.


11. /r/askhistorians

Get your history questions answered by Reddit’s group of historians.


12. /r/asksocialscience

Get your social science questions answered here!


Recommended Reads:

Recommended Links:


1. ASAP Science

Learn where your poop goes, the science of heartbreak, how old your ears are, and much more.

The Science of Orgasms


2. Minute Physics

Learn physics through stick figures. Minute Physics teaches you physics in the simplest of ways.

Why is it Dark at Night?


3. Minute Earth

More stick figures! Henry Reich, the guy who runs Minute Physics, also runs this channel. As the name suggests, this channel is about the science and stories of our awesome planet.

Why is All Sand the Same?


4. Veritasium

Derek of Veritasium covers everything from atoms to astrophysics. His earlier videos are especially great for science beginners. He asks strangers on the street simple science questions and helps them deduce the answers.

10 Facts About Great White Sharks


5. SciShow

SciShow, hosted by famed vlogger Hank Green, discusses science news, history, and concepts. Learn about that new virus everyone is catching, whether we can actually be scared to death, or what made Carl Sagan so great.

The Science of Lying


6. Smarter Every Day

Slow motion is a science vlogger’s best friend. Learn science through experiments and slow motion with Smarter Every Day.

Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics | Smarter Every Day 58


7. It’s Okay to be Smart

Learn about evolution, space, music, bees, and much more.

How Big is the Solar System? | It's Okay to be Smart | PBS Digital Studios


8. Bite Sci-zed

Bite Sci-zed makes biology more interesting. Learn about photosynthesis, sea star stomachs, homing pigeons, and more.

Caffeine!! – Bite Sci-zed


9. Brain Scoop

Yay for dead animals!

Horns vs. Antlers


10. Coma Niddy

Coma Niddy raps…about science. Need I say more?

Dark Matter Rap – Science Music Video – Coma Niddy University


11. TED-Ed

You have probably heard of TED, which is good because TED is awesome. TED-Ed is the same thing except these lectures are also animated.

Why is yawning contagious? – Claudia Aguirre


12. Crash Course

This is another channel by Hank Green. In these videos Hank teaches the basics of biology, ecology, and chemistry. It’s a great resource for the student that isn’t getting enough out of their school lessons. Hank’s even more famous brother John hosts the history lectures.

That's Why Carbon Is A Tramp: Crash Course Biology #1


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