10 Tricks to Make Browsing the Internet Easier

1. Bypass regional blocks from websites.

Sometimes, websites like Netflix and Hulu allow certain content to be viewed in certain areas. Fortunately, there are browser extensions like Media Hint and Hola that allow you to bypass regional blocks and watch whatever you want.

2. Watch TV for free.

Project Free TV allows you to watch hundreds of television shows for free online. Meanwhile, vipbox.tv allows you to watch live streams of pretty much every sporting event.

3. Visit blocked websites at school and work.

Many schools and places of business block websites considered inappropriate or time wasters. Many times you can bypass the filter by replacing the “http” in the web address with “https”.

4. Hide your browsing history.

Use Incognito to browse the web without leaving a trail on your computer. Incognito is great for present shopping or when buying airplane tickets.

5. Find coupon codes for discounts on products.

If you are paying full retail price, you are a sucker. Use retailmenot.com to find coupon codes for your favorite online retailers. If that does not work, try searching Google for coupon codes. For some online retailers, if you fill your cart with the items you want to purchase, then let it sit for a week, you will be sent a 20% discount or free item code to your email reminding you of your cart.

6. Visit old articles and websites after they have been removed from the web.

Stuff gets removed from the web constantly, but it’s never actually gone. Check out archive.org to access old and dead versions of websites.

7. Use a disposable email address for temporary accounts.

Some websites require email to use or comment on, and some of those websites might not be so trustworthy. Use mailinator.com to create a temporary email account, and avoid shelling out personal information.

8. Watch restricted YouTube videos without logging in.

Some YouTube videos have age restrictions which require the viewer to be logged in to an account to view. Change “watch” to “v” in your YouTube URL to bypass these restrictions.

9. Learn advanced concepts through layman’s terms. 

By replacing the “en” with “simple” in a Wikipedia URL, you get articles written using Simple English words and grammar that can make even the most complex topics easy to understand. Check out Simple Wikipedia now.

10. Find exactly what you are looking for on the web.

Become a Google master:

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November 11, 2013