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πŸ’­ Some Thoughts, 2024-07-23

My thoughts on stories that caught my eye the past few weeks:

  • President Biden has withdrawn his reelection bid. Surprisingly, Biden has been the most progressive president of my lifetime, something I wasn’t expecting at the time of his election. Bowing out is a selfless act that only cements his legacy.
  • Kamala Harris is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party. I’m excited for a candidate who can lead our country with passion and competence. My money is on PA Governor Josh Shapiro being selected as Kamala’s VP.
  • Project 2025 is bad for everyone. Its unpopularity has led Trump to publicly denounce the plan. But don’t believe his lies, the 922-page policy manifesto was made by his former and future advisors. In 2022, he even commended the Heritage Foundation for laying the groundwork for his next administration.
  • Bollards work; FlexPosts don’t. It’s time for American cities to embrace the bollard and ditch the FlexPost.
  • All new cars sold in Europe and Northern Ireland will include speed-limiting technology. Americans will have difficulty stomaching any future adoption of speed limiters in the United States. I hope the country isn’t too stubborn to do what’s safe.
  • Speed cameras deter speeding. If we want to make our streets safer, install more speed cameras.

🚒 Travel To-Dos

These are the things I try to do whenever I travel somewhere:

  • Find alternative means of transportation. Ride trains, boats, bicycles, kayaks, ferries, gondolas, and funiculars. Avoid cars unless it’s open country.
  • Get high. Climb towers, buildings, hills, and mountains
  • Eat at food halls and markets.
  • Eat the local specialties.
  • Explore parks and green spaces.
  • Go on night walks. Cities transform after the sun goes down.
  • Get a drink outside. Beer gardens, outdoor cafes, pub yards, terraces.
  • See live entertainment. Go to the theatre (if you speak the language), concerts, symphonies, and sporting events.
  • Explore a grocery store.
  • Visit museums.
  • Attend street fairs and festivals.
  • Explore whatever makes that place unique.

Some things I try to avoid:

  • Clubs.
  • Eating hamburgers/American food.
  • Tourist restaurants.
  • Cheap souvenirs.
  • All-inclusive resorts.
  • Cruise ships.
  • Destructive tourism.

πŸ“Ί Movies/TV Watched, June 2024

Some of the movies and TV I watched in June of 2024:

Fright Night


Fun, campy, and oddly erotic. I’m a big fan of the “suspicious neighbor” genre. This is a movie I will revisit in Octobers to come.



Very meta. The movie goes to places you do not expect, but maybe you should. Nic Cage is amazing.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


Caesar is a badass. Koba is an excellent villain. I didn’t know I could care so much about CGI apes.

War for the Planet of the Apes


Who puts a military fortification at the base of a mountain? Good movie though.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer


This is a Yorgos Lanthimos flick, so you know it’s weird. I’m always tempted to search for deeper meaning in movies like this, but I think it’s probably better to take it for what it is — a husband and father is forced to make a choice under impossible circumstances.

Kong: Skull Island


So much worse than I thought it would be. Bad writing. Every character always makes the worst possible decision. John C. Reilly is the one saving grace.

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⚾ What I Would Change About Major League Baseball

I’m ignoring the viability of these suggestions. Owners wouldn’t go for half of it since it hurts their bottom line in the short term. Owners buy teams not for love of the game, but because baseball franchises are money-printing machines. So I expect my suggestions to land on deaf ears, but it’s fun to pretend anyway. Here are my thoughts:

  • Eliminate the zombie runner in extra innings rule.
  • Move the trade deadline back two weeks to the middle of August.
  • More Field of Dreams-type games every year. Play on Negro League fields, college fields, cricket pitches, soccer pitches, and football fields. Build new fields in cool locations.
  • Have players wear their individual team uniforms in the All-Star Game.
  • Expand to 32 teams. One team to Portland or Salt Lake City. One team to Nashville or Charlotte.
  • Keep the A’s in Oakland. Move the Rays. Never put an MLB team in Las Vegas.
  • Fewer playoff teams. Six from each league is too many.
  • Implement robot umps to call balls and strikes.
  • Allow draft picks to be traded.
  • Mandate a salary floor.
  • Remove sponsor patches from uniforms.
  • Forbid public funding of stadiums.
  • Stop penalizing teams with draft pick forfeiture for signing free agents.
  • Lift all blackouts.
  • Force Fisher and Nutting to sell their teams.

⚾ Thoughts on the Dodgers 2024 draft

The 2024 MLB draft just ended, here are my thoughts on the Dodgers picks:

  • I’m stoked about Kellon Lindsey. He draws comparisons to Trea Turner, but his swing reminds me of Nomar.
  • 3B Chase Harlan looks like a grown man and hits the ball like one. Crazy good exit velocities for a high schooler.
  • I love the skillsets of HS SS Erik Parker and JuCo OF Chase Williams. Both are college commits, so they’ll be tough to sign.
  • RHP Isaac Ayon and LHP Hunter Elliott are recovering from Tommy John surgery. Elliott looked fantastic his freshman year then missed two years from TJ. I bet he returns to school.
  • Jackson Nicklaus was announced as a shortstop despite being the full-time second baseman at Oklahoma. He has a rocket for an arm, so I imagine he can handle the position change just fine.
  • College righty Will Gagnon is my day 3 sleeper pick.
  • I love taking a chance on so many high school hitters.
  • Dodgers seem to value speed more than ever.
  • They like lefties with plus sliders this year.

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πŸ“’ What I Want From My Blog

A sort of mission statement for my blog:

  • I want readers to be able to find what they’re looking for easily. β€”> Have a search feature and an index page.
  • I want to produce regular output. β€”> Write templated, recurring posts like reviews and link dumps.
  • I want post-creation to require little effort. β€”> Use bullet points. Limit images because they are a pain to upload and format.
  • I want the blog to be a personal reference source. β€”> Write about things I want to remember.
  • I want to share thoughts, ideas, and resources that help others.
  • I want the blog’s content to be open and accessible. β€”> Make it available via ActivityPub and RSS. Never require subscriptions.
  • I want to support companies and organizations I believe in. β€”> No ads. No Amazon affiliate links.
  • I want the reading experience to be pleasant. β€”> No pop-up email solicitation.
  • I want to write for my satisfaction, not a need for validation by others.