💭 Some Thoughts, 2023-05-06

  1. Every city should have a food market like Philly’s Reading Terminal. #urbanism
  2. I’ve started adding Cholula to the vinaigrette I make for salads. *Chef’s kiss.* #home and garden
  3. If you’re feeling down, go to the gym and work out. Instant mood booster. #unsolicited advice
  4. Kevin Kelly believes YouTube is an underrated educational resource, and I completely agree. You can get a sort of pseudo apprenticeship on any subject by watching master craftsmen do their work. #unsolicited advice #web and tech
  5. I really enjoyed the movie Bullet Train. It’s action-packed and completely ridiculous. A great way to pass a plane flight. #books and media

💭 Some Thoughts, 2023-04-28

  1. I spent a little over a year in Europe. The first thing that stuck out on my return to the States was the excess of billboards lining the freeways. Capitalism run amok. #urbanism
  2. My biggest hurdle to posting regularly online is the idea that what I’m writing isn’t worth sharing. The default needs to be to post now, edit (or delete) later. #unsolicited advice
  3. A goal for any future yard I have is to get it registered as a monarch waystation. #home and garden
  4. Be selective of the content you consume. Rage bait is everywhere. #unsolicited advice
  5. Exercising and reading are both good for me and things I enjoy doing. I should better prioritize those activities. #unsolicited advice

🔔 A Philadelphia Itinerary

For the next few weeks, I’ll be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here are a few activities on my to-do list:

  1. Visit Reading Terminal, eat a pretzel.
  2. Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  3. History stuff: Independence Hall, Ben Franklin Museum, Portrait Gallery in the Second Bank. Skip the Liberty Bell.
  4. Go to a Phillies game.
  5. Spend a day in Fairmount Park.
  6. Make a weekend trip to NYC.
  7. Make a weekend trip to DC.
  8. Eat a roast pork sandwich, either from John’s Roast Pork or Tommy DiNic’s.
  9. Eat a cheesesteak, but not from Pat’s or Geno’s.
  10. Watch: Rocky.
  11. Read: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

🔗 Link Dump #3

  1. A database of AI incidents. [🔗 incidentdatabase.ai]
  2. A template for creating quick reviews of movies to share online with others. [🔗 quickreviews.app]
  3. A timeline of CIA atrocities. [🔗 huppi.com]
  4. Infinite suggestions of high-quality videos, organized by topic. [🔗 wikivisually.com]
  5. An experimental, open-source application that uses GPT-4 to autonomously accomplish whatever task you set before it. [🔗 github.com]
  6. A daily guessing game where you have to figure out the location in which various pictures were taken in the United States. [🔗 pudding.cool]