πŸ”— Link Dump #46

  1. Mark your travel footprint. [πŸ”— tenpages.github.io]
  2. Plant hardiness zone map. [πŸ”— planthardiness.ars.usda.gov]
  3. Antique maps. [πŸ”— oculi-mundi.com]
  4. A fake baseball game to put you to sleep. [πŸ”— sleepbaseball.com]
  5. Organizing a walk and talk. [πŸ”— sive.rs]
  6. Personal websites as a home. [πŸ”— nicochilla.com]
  7. On writing for yourself in public. [πŸ”— brainbaking.com]

πŸ’­ Some Thoughts, 2023-12-13

  1. A Cruise vehicle needs about 1.5 human operators per robot to cross San Francisco. We are a long way away from fully autonomous vehicles, folks.
  2. The CEO of HBO admitted to creating burner social media accounts to harass critics online. Between this and the MAX rebrand, what else does this guy have to do to get fired?
  3. I love the idea of pocket forests, especially if the trade-off is fewer parking lots.
  4. Unsurprisingly, e-bikes cut demand for oil more than electric cars. Now if only we built our city infrastructure to accommodate them.
  5. The Biden Administration announced $8.2 billion in funding for passenger rail. What an exciting time for American infrastructure.
  6. Amsterdam cut speed limits within the city to less than 19 mph. It’s expected to decrease serious accidents by as much as 30%.
  7. The night train between Paris and Berlin is back. More night trains, please.
  8. Greedflation is a real thing.
  9. Public Domain Day is almost upon us.
  10. Home Alone is one of twenty-five films added to the National Film Registry this year. Well deserved.
  11. The Los Angeles Dodgers signed Shohei Ohtani to a whopping $700 million contract. However, after deferrals, the real-day value of the contract is only $437.8 million. The Dodgers stand to make tens of millions of dollars annually in endorsements alone from Ohtani’s addition. It’s a huge win for ownership and a huge win for Dodgers fans.

πŸ”— Link Dump #45

  1. A real-time map of passenger trains in North America. [πŸ”— trains.fyi]
  2. A map of retro-related places. [πŸ”— retro.directory]
  3. Keith Law’s top 100 board games, updated. [πŸ”— meadowparty.com]
  4. Life lessons from a 44-year-old. [πŸ”— anniemacmanus.com]
  5. 52 things learned in 2023. [πŸ”— medium.com]
  6. 100 notable books of 2023. [πŸ”— nytimes.com]
  7. Play Paper Tactics. [πŸ”— paper-tactics.com]
  8. A printable habit tracker. [πŸ”— laurieherault.com]

⚾ Some Thoughts on the Dodgers This Offseason

Ohtani is and should be the top priority, followed by Yamamoto.

They need to acquire at least two starting pitchers, preferably one front line. Buehler and Miller are the only locks for the rotation.

Pepiot might be a good trade chip. A regression to the mean is in order, and the Dodgers have a surplus of young righties.

I like Sheehan the most out of the young starters (outside of Miller, of course). I think the rest are expendable given the right deal.

Is it finally time to move Busch and/or Vargas? It’s hard to gauge how much trade value they even have.

I don’t see how a team can survive defensively with Lux and Muncy manning the left side of your infield. Do the Dodgers grab a shortstop? Is there even a capable shortstop available? What do you do with Lux? His best position is second, but that’s Mookie’s position now. Does Gavin become a trade chip?

If the Dodgers like Vargas as much as they say, they’d give him the left field job, but I think it’s just posturing. In which case, I’d like to see the Dodgers go outside the org for a starting left fielder. Hopefully, they can do a little better than David Peralta this offseason.

πŸŽ… 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Here are a few gift ideas that caught my eye this year:


Food and Cooking


Fun and Games

Read and Write


πŸ”— Link Dump #44

  1. The trouble with elections. [πŸ”— democracycreative.com]
  2. Websites that spark joy. [πŸ”— whimsical.club]
  3. Why diamonds suck. [πŸ”— diamondssuck.com]
  4. Play classic games. [πŸ”— dosdeck.com]
  5. Find old-growth forests. [πŸ”— oldgrowthforest.net]
  6. Calculate the cost of owning a vehicle. [πŸ”— aaa.com]
  7. Fix your stuff. [πŸ”— vox.com]
  8. Kenji answers your Thanksgiving questions. [⏯ youtube.com]

πŸ”— Link Dump #43

  1. An intelligent guide to help you navigate your life. [πŸ”— new.computer]
  2. Ten rules for drawing. [πŸ”— wepresent.wetransfer.com]
  3. Recipes featured on Bake Off. [πŸ”— thegreatbritishbakeoff.co.uk]
  4. The six basic story plots. [πŸ”— bbc.com]
  5. Free scorecards for your favorite board games. [πŸ”— scorecard.gg]
  6. Guess the neighboring countries. [πŸ”— neighborle.com]
  7. A free PDF ebook on science literacy. [πŸ”— philipball.co.uk]

πŸ’­ Some Thoughts, 2023-11-03

  1. In a surprise to no one, blue checkmark accounts are the leading source of misinformation on X. The enshittification of Twitter continues.
  2. Elon Musk wants X to replace banks. I don’t blame anyone for being wary of big banks, but entrusting your money to Elon Musk is far from the correct answer.
  3. The Beatles’ last song was recently released thanks to the help of AI. Between this and the Herculaneum scrolls, it’s cool to see AI being used for good.
  4. Meta wants to charge a monthly fee for ad-free Facebook and Instagram accounts. People, you do not need to pay for social media. You are the product. They should be paying you instead. Join the fediverse and be done with the tech overlords.
  5. Austin, Texas is the first major city in the United States to drop parking minimums. Well done, Austin. I hope more cities follow.
  6. Streets in Pittsburgh’s Strip District are getting a makeover. It’s a shame there are no car-free streets in the Strip. It would go a long way to alleviating the pedestrian congestion in front of those lovely food markets.
  7. The Dodgers have signed Max Muncy to a two-year extension. Remember folks, batting average is a poor metric for evaluating a hitter’s impact. Despite the opinions of internet trolls, Muncy is good, and this is a great deal for the Dodgers.
  8. Congrats to former Dodger great Corey Seager on winning his second World Series MVP.

πŸ”— Link Dump #42

  1. A curated list of plain text tools. [πŸ”— plaintextproject.online]
  2. A one-year plan for learning French. [πŸ”— fussfreefrench.com]
  3. The best inventions of 2023. [πŸ”— time.com]
  4. Duolingo’s new music course. [πŸ”— blog.duolingo.com]
  5. A writing tool that separates writing from editing. [πŸ”— enso.sonnet.io]
  6. A bookmarklet to search for books at your library. [πŸ”— checkthisout.today]
  7. A pet-naming AI. [πŸ”— pawsomenamer.com]

πŸ”— Link Dump #41

  1. A blog dedicated to text-based gaming. [πŸ”— writing-games.com]
  2. A place for thoughtful puzzles. [πŸ”— launch.puzzmo.com]
  3. Free national park maps. [πŸ”— npmaps.com]
  4. The 43 most iconic English-language short stories. [πŸ”— lithub.com]
  5. The museum of internet artifacts. [πŸ”— neal.fun]
  6. A keyboard accessibility horror game. [πŸ”— focus.hteumeuleu.com]
  7. Nature relaxation videos. [⏯ youtube.com]