🍜 10 Food Rules for Healthy Eating

I try to be a healthy person. I exercise semi-regularly, and I watch what I eat. But eating healthy isn’t always easy, which is why I have laid out a few ground rules for myself.

These rules are more guidelines than absolutes. I do break them from time to time, but just having rules means I am always aware of them, which in turn makes abiding by them that much easier. I’m always tweaking them, so they are subject to change. Here are my ten rules for healthy-ish eating:

1. No soda. No juice.

As many of you know, soda has a ton of sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup, but you might be surprised to discover that juice also has an unhealthy amount of sugar. Just because juice is fruit flavored, it doesn’t make it good for you. So I stay away from soda and juice.

Not only do I think it’s important to avoid drinking sugar, but I think it’s a good idea to avoid drinking carbs altogether (the exception I make is an occasional alcoholic beverage). I stick to water in almost all situations. I don’t even drink coffee (not that I’m against caffeine, I just don’t find a need for it).

2. No fast food. 

What I define as fast food is any restaurant that typically comes with an attached drive-thru. I make an exception for In-n-Out (I live in California), not because it’s good (which it is), but because of the quality of their ingredients. And sometimes on road trips, convenience is a necessary evil.

3. Never eat out more than once in a day.

There are a couple of reasons for this: 1. It’s impossible to gauge all of the ingredients a restaurant kitchen puts into a meal. It’s almost guaranteed my home cooking will be healthier. 2. It’s expensive to eat out all the time. If I’m in a situation where I’m not near a kitchen or I can’t pack a meal, then I try to find something healthy-ish at a grocery store to eat.

4. Don’t buy sweets at the grocery store.

If I buy a tub of cookies at the grocery store, I’m going to binge eat a tub of cookies when I get home, and ignore all of the healthy stuff I just bought. I don’t shun sweets altogether, but if I want dessert, I force myself to leave the house to get it.

5. Don’t skip meals.

Even when I don’t feel like eating, I force myself to eat something. This keeps me from bingeing at my next meal, and it ensures I have the energy to stay productive throughout the day.

6. Stop eating before the full feeling sets in.

There is a delay between your stomach being full and your brain registering your stomach being full. If you don’t stop eating until after that full feeling sets in, it’s already too late.

7. Cook whenever possible.

If I can cook a meal in my own kitchen , I cook a meal in my own kitchen. Frozen foods and the microwave don’t count. Real food must be involved.

8. Eat the leftovers.

When I cook, I end up with leftovers. I force myself to eat those leftovers for lunches until they are gone. This does a couple of things: 1. It keeps me from being wasteful. If leftovers don’t get eaten, they get thrown out. 2. It saves money. 3. It saves time. Leftovers mean less planning and less cooking.

9. Take it easy on the red meat.

I try to stick to chicken, ground turkey, and fish when I cook at home. Sometimes, I’ll have a steak or burger, but only on rare occasions. I keep red meat of my regular meal rotation.

10. Plan ahead.

Failing to plan inevitably leads to me opting for the most convenient solution. And the convenient solution is usually an unhealthy one. So I take a little time each week to plan out when and what I am going to cook. I then write that down on my calendar for future reference.

Those are my rules for healthy eating. They might not be right for you, and they definitely aren’t perfect, but hopefully you found something to inspire you moving forward.

#books and media

This page is a place to track my thoughts on books and media as featured in my Some Thoughts posts.

I thought it was bad when I put a hold on the ebook for Crook Manifesto and found myself 58th in line. Yesterday I put a hold on The Wager, and I’m currently 121st in line. [2023-08-15]

I’m reading Magpie Murders and decided to look up the author’s bio. Not only is Horowitz far more prolific than I realized, but he also wrote a few episodes of Poirot, one of my all-time favorite shows. [2023-08-15]

I read the first Peter Wimsey book and the guy is basically Batman. He is a rich playboy with a passion for stopping crime. He has all sorts of custom-made gizmos he carries around with him. He has a British manservant to aid his investigations and remind him of his high society obligations and manners. [2023-07-28]

Two books I’ve anticipated for some time are out now: Light Bringer by Pierce Brown and Crook Manifesto by Colson Whitehead. I put holds on both books at my local library. [2023-07-28]

Killers of the Flower Moon is a spectacular book and this is a spectacular trailer. [2023-05-23]

I really enjoyed the movie Bullet Train. It’s action-packed and completely ridiculous. A great way to pass a plane flight. [2023-05-06]


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Mookie Betts is killing it this season. To my recollection, it’s the first time “best shape of his life” claims have translated to greater on-field results. [2023-09-05]

The number one amateur Korean prospect Hyun-Seok Jang decided to forgo the KBO draft to sign with the Dodgers. What a coup. Hopefully, the fireballer bypasses the complex league and begins his career in A-ball next season. [2023-08-15]

On the sports front, it’s one of my favorite times of the year: the baseball trade deadline. It’s a seller’s market. With three wild card spots in each league, more teams will try to stay competitive for a shot at the playoffs. There is also the factor of minor league roster size decreasing next season, which might encourage teams to move lesser prospects they won’t have room for in the future. [2023-07-28]

Mascots of the Pittsburgh Pirates include a parrot and five pierogies. That’s hard to beat. [2023-07-21]

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If you want to get a sense of a place’s culture, go to a local fair/festival. [2023-09-05]

Step 1) Start a blog. Step 2) Federate it. [2023-06-16]

Hiking and audiobooks make for a combo that is hard to beat. [2023-05-23]

If you’re feeling down, go to the gym and work out. Instant mood booster. [2023-05-06]

Kevin Kelly believes YouTube is an underrated educational resource, and I completely agree. You can get a sort of pseudo apprenticeship on any subject by watching master craftsmen do their work. [2023-05-06]

My biggest hurdle to posting regularly online is the idea that what I’m writing isn’t worth sharing. The default needs to be to post now, edit (or delete) later. [2023-04-28]

Be selective of the content you consume. Rage bait is everywhere. [2023-04-28]

Exercising and reading are both good for me and things I enjoy doing. I should better prioritize those activities. [2023-04-28]


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I think autonomous vehicles will almost entirely eliminate road fatalities in the future, but so can trains and bicycles, and we already have the technology for those. [2023-09-05]

Autonomous and electric vehicles are progressive evolutions away from human-operated, petrol vehicles. The issue I take is with corporations and their executives who advocate against public transit and urbanist policies to enlarge their markets. Elon Musk even admitted his Southern California Hyperloop tunnel was merely a stunt to get legislators to cancel plans for a high-speed rail. [2023-09-05]

Private beaches should not be a thing. Shoreline highways should not be a thing. Design cities so rivers and lakes can be enjoyed by everyone. [2023-09-05]

People underestimate how dope BRT is when done right. [2023-08-15]

Las Vegas has a real opportunity to improve its city by building a subway system but instead decided to drink the Kool-Aid of a billionaire egotist. [2023-07-28]

The July heat brings an annual reminder of the impact trees have on temperature control in neighborhoods. [2023-07-28]

Bicycles are hands down the most fun mode of transportation. Trains are second. [2023-07-21]

I want more American cities to shift away from car dependency. If that means more bicycles, then hell yeah. If that means more golf carts, then I’m for that too. [2023-06-16]

Sometimes I walk down a street at night that I’ve walked down a dozen times before but always during the day, and it seems like a completely different place. [2023-05-23]

Every city should have a food market like Philly’s Reading Terminal. [2023-05-06]

I spent a little over a year in Europe. The first thing that stuck out on my return to the States was the excess of billboards lining the freeways. Capitalism run amok. [2023-04-28]

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I find the background sounds feature on iPhone immensely useful and something I wish I had known about sooner. [2023-08-15]

I hope Threads keeps to its promise of federation. I want Mastodon to succeed and the more Twitter clones joining the Fediverse, the better. [2023-07-21]

I think it’s a fair request that websites whose business models rely on user-generated content (like Reddit and Twitter) at least provide free API usage in return. [2023-06-16]

Reddit runs on hours upon hours of unpaid work by moderators, who have every right to burn it down if they choose. [2023-06-16]

Something I learned: Lemmy and Kbin are progressive web apps. Tap the share button in your mobile browser then tap “add to home screen.” [2023-06-16]

I’ve started using vertical tabs in my web browser (Brave), and so far I’m a big fan. [2023-06-16]

Somehow my blog got compromised by malware. It was automatically redirecting visitors to other websites, but would still allow me to use my site as normal. I deleted the plugin I think was behind the act. I also deleted all theme files and reinstalled them. I think the issue is handled now. [2023-05-23]

Overdrive/Libby are the coolest apps ever invented. [2023-05-23]

Kevin Kelly believes YouTube is an underrated educational resource, and I completely agree. You can get a sort of pseudo apprenticeship on any subject by watching master craftsmen do their work. [2023-05-06]