๐Ÿ”— Link Dump, 2023-08-07

  1. Internet search tips. [๐Ÿ”— gwern.net]
  2. A collection of daily puzzle games. [๐Ÿงต ask.metafilter.com]
  3. The definitive guide to living without a smartphone. [๐Ÿ”— insanelyfree.substack.com]
  4. Kramer’s list of Los Angeles sandwiches. [๐Ÿ”— krmr.com]
  5. Tracking all of the songs Trudy listens to. [๐Ÿ”— trudy.tube]
  6. Recently extinct species. [๐Ÿ”— recentlyextinctspecies.com]
  7. Really cool tips. [๐Ÿ”— reallycool.tips]
  8. A city-naming quiz. [๐Ÿ”— cityquiz.io]
  9. Cory Doctorow’s upcoming book on enshittification. [๐Ÿ’ธ kickstarter.com]

๐Ÿ”— Link Dump, 2023-08-02

  1. A PDF street design manual published by the city of Oslo. [๐Ÿ”— oslo.kommune.no]
  2. Lessons on how to write a book in three days. [๐Ÿ”— wetasphalt.com]
  3. 29 rules for reading. [๐Ÿ”— washingtonpost.com]
  4. Small vehicles of Tokyo. [๐Ÿ”— cityofsound.com]
  5. Bookmarks and favorites. [๐Ÿ”— broadsheet.chasem.co]
  6. The 100 best movies of the past ten decades. [๐Ÿ”— time.com]
  7. The best TV shows of the past 25 years. [๐Ÿ”— rottentomatoes.com]
  8. The best movies of the past 25 years. [๐Ÿ”— rottentomatoes.com]

๐Ÿ”— Link Dump, 2023-07-24

  1. The worldwide labyrinth locator. [๐Ÿ”— labyrinthlocator.com]
  2. An interactive map of memorial benches. [๐Ÿ”— openbenches.org]
  3. A database of commemorative plaques. [๐Ÿ”— openplaques.org]
  4. 20 ways to fancy up your food on a budget. [๐Ÿ”— theguardian.com]
  5. Informative and fun kids’ comics. [๐Ÿ”— craghead.com]
  6. Barack Obama’s annual summer reading list. [๐Ÿ”— twitter.com]
  7. A free and open-source font developed by the United States government. [๐Ÿ”— public-sans.digital.gov]

๐Ÿ”— Link Dump, 2023-07-21

  1. A motivational video archive. [๐Ÿ”— motivationalvideoarchive.org]
  2. The 100 best books of all time. [๐Ÿ”— rd.com]
  3. All of the books on Carmy’s bookshelves in The Bear. [๐Ÿ”— foodandwine.com]
  4. The 100 most influential urbanists, past and present. [๐Ÿ”— planetizen.com]
  5. The 2023 Audubon photography awards. [๐Ÿ”— audubon.org]
  6. A field guide to American traffic signs. [๐Ÿ”— andrewturnbull.net]
  7. The world’s writing systems. [๐Ÿ”— worldswritingsystems.org]
  8. The typeface of Sweden. [๐Ÿ”— identity.sweden.se]
  9. Share your secret sauce. [๐Ÿ”— taylor.town]

๐Ÿ”— Link Dump, 2023-07-17

  1. A better bookmarking tool. [๐Ÿ”— save.page]
  2. A request to get to the point. [๐Ÿ”— nohello.net]
  3. Farming and gardening in Appalachia. [๐Ÿ”— tickfoot.sensorstation.co]
  4. A free and open-source platform to help you achieve your fitness goals. [๐Ÿ”— workout.lol]
  5. Amazing public domain collections. [๐Ÿ”— publicdomainreview.org]
  6. Mapping 1,001 American novels. [๐Ÿ”— storymaps.arcgis.com]
  7. A hand-drawn, frame-by-frame recreation of Bee Movie. [๐Ÿ”— thefreemovie.buzz]

๐Ÿ”— Link Dump, 2023-07-10

  1. All the knowledge you need to restart civilization in the event of a collapse. [๐Ÿ”— survivorlibrary.com]
  2. Cocktail recipes. [๐Ÿ”— oldfashioned.tech]
  3. The greatest tech books of all time. [๐Ÿ”— theverge.com]
  4. Turn spoken words into clear text. [๐Ÿ”— audiopen.ai]
  5. Elo rank everything (possible NSFW material). [๐Ÿ”— eloeverything.co]
  6. Simulate acquiring a Ph.D. [๐Ÿ”— research.wmz.ninja]
  7. A baseball player guessing game. [๐Ÿ”— immaculategrid.com]

๐Ÿ”— Link Dump, 2023-06-19

  1. A subreddit migration directory. [๐Ÿ”— redditmigration.com]
  2. How to create a masterpiece. [๐Ÿ”— tomaspueyo.com]
  3. An interactive exploration of banned books. [๐Ÿ”— yarn.joinstatecraft.com]
  4. A self-learning, modern computer science course. [๐Ÿ”— functionalcs.github.io]
  5. 120 free online math courses. [๐Ÿ”— freecodecamp.org]
  6. The top Substack newsletters, ranked by subscribers. [๐Ÿ”— reletter.com]
  7. Learn more about joining Mastodon. [๐Ÿ”— spreadmastodon.org]