🔗 Link Dump #1

  1. An archive of 500 of the most interesting Wikipedia articles. [🔗 endwalker.com]
  2. Recommendations for a happy life. [🔗 jimwestergren.com]
  3. For those who have seen Banshees of Inisherin, you can now play this Pacman-like game. Warning: spoilers. [🔗 bansheesthegame.com]
  4. A master list of recipe websites, organized by cuisine. [🔗 github.com]
  5. Tyler Cowen is a well-cultured economics professor, as well as a podcast host and blogger. Tyler has written a series of posts over at Marginal Revolution detailing his favorite things related to several locations. Here is a compilation of those lists. [🔗 erikgahner.dk]