🔗 Link Dump #14

  1. A decentralized content aggregator and microblogging platform running on the Fediverse network. [🔗 kbin.social]
  2. A self-hosted, federated social link aggregation and discussion forum. [🔗 lemmy.world]
  3. Subscribe to post and earn by accruing upvotes. [🔗 non.io]
  4. A non-profit community site driven by user interests. [🔗 tildes.net]
  5. Free and open source code, no ads, and no email requirement. [🔗 raddle.me]
  6. Share thoughtful information and conversation. [🔗 hubski.com]
  7. A people-powered community governed by a non-profit. [🔗 flingup.com]
  8. Earn money for the content you share. [🔗 valme.io]
  9. Follow the people you love, and have great, in-depth conversations. [🔗 squabbles.io]