👑 Notes on London

I spent two and a half months in the spring of 2022 living in London. Here are my notes:

  • I could never get bored of London. There is so much to do.
  • The tube and buses make cars unnecessary. Everywhere in London is accessible with public transportation. It’s surprisingly freeing.
  • London museums are free and amazing. I went to the British Museum twice and still didn’t get to see all it has to offer. The Natural History Museum is worth a visit for the building alone. I also enjoyed the Museum of London and National Gallery.
  • When you visit, get a Santander Bicycle and take a ride through Hyde Park. Stop at the cafe by the lake for a snack.
  • Other lovely parks I visited include Hampstead Heath, Bishops Park, Holland Park, and Regent’s Park. I wish I had taken the time to make it out to Richmond Park.
  • The theatre is fun and affordable. Avoid the big productions. Go see something more intimate. The Play That Goes Wrong is a blast.
  • There are outdoor markets everywhere, and the food is always great. I particularly recommend Portobello Market, Borough Market, Broadway Market, and the small farmers’ market at Hampstead Heath.
  • Eat a Sunday roast and a full English breakfast. But don’t stick only to traditional English food. London is full of amazing cuisine from all over the world.

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