📺 Movies/TV Watched, Apr 2024

My thoughts on the shows and movies I watched in April of 2024:

Wonka (2023)


They tried copying the Paddington 2 blueprint and failed. It’s not very funny and has zero good original songs, but I guess it’s a fine movie. Kids would probably like it.

The Green Knight (2021)


Looks great. Fun and weird mythology. But the movie doesn’t do or say much of anything.

Curb Your Enthusiasm, final season (2000–2024)


A funny final season that ended in a meta and not-as-funny way. I think the “Never Wait for Seconds!” episode in season 9 would have made for a better finale.

Gone with the Wind (1939)


Vivien Leigh is fantastic, and the movie is beautifully shot, but the depiction of an idyllic pre-Civil War South is absurd. The movie is monumental and worth watching, even if the premise is a total farce.

The Gilded Age, seasons 1 and 2 (2022– )


A low-stakes, feel-good show about high-class society in post-Civil War New York. It touches on but doesn’t dig deeply into the societal issues at the time. Judging by the lead actress, it’s safe to conclude that acting ability is not genetic.

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