#unsolicited advice

This page is a place to track the tips and advice featured in my Some Thoughts posts.

If you want to get a sense of a place’s culture, go to a local fair/festival. [2023-09-05]

Step 1) Start a blog. Step 2) Federate it. [2023-06-16]

Hiking and audiobooks make for a combo that is hard to beat. [2023-05-23]

If you’re feeling down, go to the gym and work out. Instant mood booster. [2023-05-06]

Kevin Kelly believes YouTube is an underrated educational resource, and I completely agree. You can get a sort of pseudo apprenticeship on any subject by watching master craftsmen do their work. [2023-05-06]

My biggest hurdle to posting regularly online is the idea that what I’m writing isn’t worth sharing. The default needs to be to post now, edit (or delete) later. [2023-04-28]

Be selective of the content you consume. Rage bait is everywhere. [2023-04-28]

Exercising and reading are both good for me and things I enjoy doing. I should better prioritize those activities. [2023-04-28]