This page is a place to track my thoughts on urbanism as featured in my Some Thoughts posts.

I think autonomous vehicles will almost entirely eliminate road fatalities in the future, but so can trains and bicycles, and we already have the technology for those. [2023-09-05]

Autonomous and electric vehicles are progressive evolutions away from human-operated, petrol vehicles. The issue I take is with corporations and their executives who advocate against public transit and urbanist policies to enlarge their markets. Elon Musk even admitted his Southern California Hyperloop tunnel was merely a stunt to get legislators to cancel plans for a high-speed rail. [2023-09-05]

Private beaches should not be a thing. Shoreline highways should not be a thing. Design cities so rivers and lakes can be enjoyed by everyone. [2023-09-05]

People underestimate how dope BRT is when done right. [2023-08-15]

Las Vegas has a real opportunity to improve its city by building a subway system but instead decided to drink the Kool-Aid of a billionaire egotist. [2023-07-28]

The July heat brings an annual reminder of the impact trees have on temperature control in neighborhoods. [2023-07-28]

Bicycles are hands down the most fun mode of transportation. Trains are second. [2023-07-21]

I want more American cities to shift away from car dependency. If that means more bicycles, then hell yeah. If that means more golf carts, then I’m for that too. [2023-06-16]

Sometimes I walk down a street at night that I’ve walked down a dozen times before but always during the day, and it seems like a completely different place. [2023-05-23]

Every city should have a food market like Philly’s Reading Terminal. [2023-05-06]

I spent a little over a year in Europe. The first thing that stuck out on my return to the States was the excess of billboards lining the freeways. Capitalism run amok. [2023-04-28]