#web and tech

This page is a place to track my thoughts on the internet and technology as featured in my Some Thoughts posts.

X will start charging some newcomers a small fee. Charging for social media usage is a surefire way to get people to stop using said service. Please do it so everyone can finally move to Mastodon. [2023-10-24]

How can anyone trust a man who is anti-Wikipedia? [2023-10-24]

POSSE via Activitypub is the future I want for the internet, and it’s gaining more traction. [2023-10-24]

I’ve installed the Friends plugin on my blog. It’s one step closer to turning this site into its own fully functioning Mastodon instance, but it’s not yet there. [2023-10-24]

I find the background sounds feature on iPhone immensely useful and something I wish I had known about sooner. [2023-08-15]

I hope Threads keeps to its promise of federation. I want Mastodon to succeed and the more Twitter clones joining the Fediverse, the better. [2023-07-21]

I think it’s a fair request that websites whose business models rely on user-generated content (like Reddit and Twitter) at least provide free API usage in return. [2023-06-16]

Reddit runs on hours upon hours of unpaid work by moderators, who have every right to burn it down if they choose. [2023-06-16]

Something I learned: Lemmy and Kbin are progressive web apps. Tap the share button in your mobile browser then tap β€œadd to home screen.” [2023-06-16]

I’ve started using vertical tabs in my web browser (Brave), and so far I’m a big fan. [2023-06-16]

Somehow my blog got compromised by malware. It was automatically redirecting visitors to other websites, but would still allow me to use my site as normal. I deleted the plugin I think was behind the act. I also deleted all theme files and reinstalled them. I think the issue is handled now. [2023-05-23]

Overdrive/Libby are the coolest apps ever invented. [2023-05-23]

Kevin Kelly believes YouTube is an underrated educational resource, and I completely agree. You can get a sort of pseudo apprenticeship on any subject by watching master craftsmen do their work. [2023-05-06]