🔗 Link Dump #56

Resources on running for office https://wherecanirun.org/

A list of software without VC funding https://built.organic/

Book summaries http://bookpecker.com/

Free, plain-text bookmarking https://webtag.io/

Webpage to markdown conversion tool https://markdowndown.vercel.app/

How to actually use the notes you take https://dannb.org/blog/2024/obsidian-use-your-notes/

A list of 5 ways to write in books https://jillianhess.substack.com/p/renoted-marginalia-5-ways-to-write

🔗 Link Dump #55

The gender dysphoria bible https://genderdysphoria.fyi/

A digital poem-writing notebook https://book3.pokeghost.org/

A club for supporters of online creators, starting at $1 per month https://oneamonth.club/

A list of things that don’t work https://dynomight.substack.com/p/things

A list of 101 things I would tell myself from ten years ago https://www.approachwithalacrity.com/101-things-for-my-past-self/

A list of the most overrated things in personal finance https://ofdollarsanddata.com/the-most-overrated-things-in-personal-finance/

A video on the cult of the Criterion Collection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05XfGmH2zG4

🔗 Link Dump #54

A list of paywall removers https://www.archivebuttons.com/

705 links to useful websites https://whatthe.link/

Free books available online https://freeinternetlibrary.com/

A paper zine of web articles chosen by you https://waldenpond.press/

A community of bread enthusiasts https://www.thefreshloaf.com/

Fun seating from around the world https://everydaytourist.ca/globe-trekking-international-travel/fun-seating-finds-from-around-the-world

Logic lessons with Spock https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMpofmkxKHBJfta_JzekLbWGHUSLUJoLt

🔗 Link Dump #53

Personal website ideas https://jamesg.blog/2024/02/19/personal-website-ideas/

Become a Wikipedian in 30 minutes https://blog.mollywhite.net/become-a-wikipedian-transcript/

Debunking cycling fallacies https://cyclingfallacies.com/

Search personal websites for collaborators https://aboutideasnow.com/

A square-flipping game https://unflipgame.com/

Interactive origami folding https://foldmation.com/

Learn about unfair ebook pricing https://www.ebooksforus.com/

The best food movies https://www.eater.com/24071727/best-food-movies-tampopo-the-taste-of-things-ratatouille

How to buy a car online https://github.com/kutinden/buyingacar/blob/main/README.md

🔗 Link Dump #52

A ranked list of digital gardens https://github.com/lyz-code/best-of-digital-gardens

RSS club https://daverupert.com/rss-club/

The 1847 Oregon Trail sourdough starter https://carlsfriends.net/

A nation-naming game https://www.namethatnation.com/

A birdsong recognition game https://jessicalieb.itch.io/birdlingo

Lessons from a fountain pen addict https://ukfountainpens.com/2019/03/24/13-hard-learned-lessons-from-a-veteran-fountain-pen-addict/

Over 181,000 USGS historical topographic maps https://www.esri.com/arcgis-blog/products/arcgis-living-atlas/mapping/access-over-181000-usgs-historical-topographic-maps/

🔗 Link Dump #51

Flashcards in a private podcast feed https://flashcasts.com/

A multilingual urban dictionary https://untranslatable.co/

A curated list of documentaries worth watching https://ihavenotv.com/

A time and place guessing game https://timeguessr.com/

Global freedom scores https://freedomhouse.org/countries/freedom-world/scores

The quietest places in the world’s loudest cities https://earth.fm/the-quietest-places-in-the-worlds-loudest-cities/

Daily AI-created poems inspired by New York Times headlines https://newspoetry.kaplich.me/

🔗 Link Dump #50

Summarize and save recipes https://cooked.wiki/

Mapping New Deal landmarks https://livingnewdeal.org/map/

Mapping infrastructure https://openinframap.org/

Mapping waterways https://waterwaymap.org/

How to quit capitalism https://joanwestenberg.medium.com/how-to-quit-capitalism-5044a7290684

56 high speed rail links we should have already built https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE5G1kTndI4

How to do things if you’re not that smart and don’t have any talent https://adaobi.substack.com/p/how-to-do-things-if-youre-not-that

🔗 Link Dump #47

  1. Was the Civil War about slavery? [🔗 wasthecivilwaraboutslavery.com]
  2. Play one-dimensional Pac-Man. [🔗 abagames.github.io]
  3. A PDF guide to the walk-and-talk. [🔗 kk.org]
  4. The 150 greatest science-fiction movies of all time. [🔗 rollingstone.com]
  5. A curated list of activities. [🔗 whataaabout.com]
  6. An internet map. [🔗 diagram.website]
  7. A keyboard for your iPhone. [💸 clicks.tech]