⚾ Some Thoughts on the Dodgers This Offseason

Ohtani is and should be the top priority, followed by Yamamoto.

They need to acquire at least two starting pitchers, preferably one front line. Buehler and Miller are the only locks for the rotation.

Pepiot might be a good trade chip. A regression to the mean is in order, and the Dodgers have a surplus of young righties.

I like Sheehan the most out of the young starters (outside of Miller, of course). I think the rest are expendable given the right deal.

Is it finally time to move Busch and/or Vargas? It’s hard to gauge how much trade value they even have.

I don’t see how a team can survive defensively with Lux and Muncy manning the left side of your infield. Do the Dodgers grab a shortstop? Is there even a capable shortstop available? What do you do with Lux? His best position is second, but that’s Mookie’s position now. Does Gavin become a trade chip?

If the Dodgers like Vargas as much as they say, they’d give him the left field job, but I think it’s just posturing. In which case, I’d like to see the Dodgers go outside the org for a starting left fielder. Hopefully, they can do a little better than David Peralta this offseason.

🍻 On Breweries

what i like in a brewery:
1. cozy, not industrial
2. outdoor space with plants, string lights, and a mural or two
3. dog-friendly
4. no kitchens, only food trucks. i don’t want the obligation of buying a meal with my beer
5. games, yard and tabletop (especially the latter)
6. music that isn’t too loud
7. bike racks
8. no televisions

The best brewery setting I’ve ever been to is Saint Paul Brewing in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In the short time I was in Minnesota, I went to Saint Paul Brewing three times. It has great outdoor seating with no obligation to buy food. Ironically enough, we ended up eating every time we went because the food was so good and ordering was easy and convenient (mobile ordering).

⚾ Things I Love About Baseball

  1. physics-defying breaking balls
  2. robbed home runs
  3. quirky ballparks
  4. superstitions
  5. backpicks
  6. first baseman gloves
  7. ballpark food
  8. the Rule 5 Draft
  9. the three-run homer
  10. an owner who is willing to splurge to win a World Series
  11. homegrown talent
  12. the volatility of the reliever
  13. a well-executed hit-and-run
  14. broken bats
  15. pine tar
  16. a strong throw from deep in the hole
  17. stirrups
  18. bobbleheads
  19. infield drills
  20. the trade deadline
  21. ice cream in little plastic helmets
  22. rosin bags
  23. slap bunts
  24. the barehanded scoop and throw by a charging third baseman
  25. an inning-ending double play to escape a jam
  26. the World Baseball Classic
  27. 13-inning games
  28. prospect-for-prospect trades
  29. an immaculate inning
  30. Spring Training backfields
  31. submariners
  32. the designated hitter
  33. exit velocities
  34. the organ
  35. prospect lists
  36. playoff atmosphere
  37. bleacher seats
  38. digging into the box
  39. pinstripes
  40. the seventh-inning stretch
  41. mascot races
  42. free agency
  43. closer entrance music
  44. Gold Glove awards
  45. 3-inning saves
  46. the sound of metal cleats on dirt
  47. creative slides to avoid a tag
  48. catch probabilities
  49. unique batting stances
  50. the knuckleball
  51. bat flips
  52. LOOGYs (RIP)
  54. the vernacular
  55. straight steals
  56. hitters without batting gloves
  57. outfield assists
  58. scouting reports
  59. flip-up sunglasses
  60. walk-off base hits
  61. the hidden ball trick
  62. batting practice
  63. scuffed baseballs
  64. swing adjustments
  65. All-Star festivities
  66. rattled pitchers
  67. non-roster invitees breaking camp with the team
  68. glove flips
  69. a hitter flirting with .400
  70. rivalries
  71. trade speculation
  72. a perfect bunt for a base hit
  73. the knee-buckling curveball
  74. the crafty lefty
  75. 40-year-old big leaguers
  76. 19-year-old big leaguers

πŸ“ On Stationery

Pens and notebooks are the tools of my trade. Finding stationery with the exact qualities I covet can be difficult.

Some thoughts:

  • The best type of pen is the pen that makes you want to write.
  • I like grid paper. Blank paper is too intimidating. Lined paper is too restrictive.
  • The crinkle of used Tomoe River Paper is one of the best sensations in the world.
  • I want to like fountain pens, but I find them too fussy.
  • There are too many great notebooks and not enough time or use cases for them.

Some pens:

Some notebooks:

Some planners and journals:

🍎 On Apples

I have opinions on the ever-so-popular fruit.

Some thoughts:

πŸ§€ Apples with cheese is an underrated combo.
πŸ₯ͺ Apple slices are an underrated sandwich ingredient.
🍎 Red Delicious is the worst popular apple variety.
πŸ₯§ Dutch apple pie is the best apple-centric dish.

Some facts:

🌱 Most apples aren’t true to seed. The apple variety that grows out of the seed won’t necessarily be the same as the variety from which the seed originated.
πŸ₯› Vermont has a law in place that stipulates when serving apple pie, one must make a good-faith effort to provide either a cold glass of milk, a slice of cheddar cheese, or a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Some art:

🎨 The US government commissioned these dope watercolor illustrations at the turn of the century.
πŸ“’ Field Notes made beautiful harvest-themed notebooks that feature an apple illustration.