πŸ”— Link Dump, 2023-09-22

  1. Thousands of free and open audiobooks created usingΒ neural text-to-speech technology. [πŸ”— marhamilresearch4.blob.core.windows.net]
  2. The best stand-alone television episodes of all time. [πŸ”— slate.com]
  3. Movies that began as short films. [⏯ deadline.com]
  4. Futility Closet has returned from hiatus. [πŸ”— futilitycloset.com]
  5. Find the hidden words. [πŸ”— wordsmithgames.com]
  6. Search real content by real people. [πŸ”— searchmysite.net]
  7. The internet pinball database. [πŸ”— ipdb.org]

πŸ’€ Embrace Boredom

“‘It is a theory of mine,’ I said, warming to my theme, ‘that we owe most of our great inventions and most of the achievements of genius to idlenessβ€”either enforced or voluntary. The human mind prefers to be spoon-fed with the thoughts of others, but deprived of such nourishment it will, reluctantly, begin to think for itselfβ€”and such thinking, remember, is original thinking and may have valuable results.'”

The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie

Boredom can be a good thing. We are too quick to fill idle moments with the superficial gratification of social media and the 24-hour news cycle. The next time you find yourself reaching for your phone, pause and choose to spend that time bathing in boredom. Get lost in your daydreams. Contemplate life’s dilemmas. Good things might come from it.

How to embrace boredom:

  1. make no attempt at productivity
  2. avoid tasks that occupy the mind
  3. work on mindless physical activities like dishwashing and long walks
  4. let your thoughts wander
  5. when an idea comes, write it down

πŸ”— Link Dump, 2023-09-19

  1. The fall foliage map. [πŸ”— smokymountains.com]
  2. The lazy garbage nursery guide. [πŸ”— taylor.town]
  3. Rotating bowls of ramen. [πŸ”— ramen.haus]
  4. A free, open-source, non-profit search engine. [πŸ”— mwmbl.org]
  5. Swipe to clean up your camera roll. [πŸ”— swipewipe.app]
  6. The library that has every book ever published. [⏯ youtube.com]
  7. Charting working time lost to strikes. [🧡 twitter.com]

πŸ”— Link Dump, 2023-09-15

  1. A map of award-winning restaurants. [πŸ”— mapofthebest.com]
  2. Offline hiking and biking maps. [πŸ”— organicmaps.app]
  3. A guide to Japan’s small seasons. [πŸ”— smallseasons.guide]
  4. How to stay reasonably anonymous online. [πŸ”— tmp.bearblog.dev]
  5. A call to clean up the web. [πŸ”— cleanuptheweb.org]
  6. How to capture your thoughts and ideas. [πŸ”— dsebastien.net]
  7. The 50 greatest music videos of all time. [πŸ”— avclub.com]

🌐 My Blogroll

These are the blogs and newsletters whose RSS feeds I subscribe to. The sites are categorized by personal blogs, newsletters, mass-posting blogs, and blogs. Some definitions: Personal blogs are written by one person. Newsletters have a recurring format, like a list of links. Mass-posting blogs are blogs that publish multiple posts every day. Blogs generally have a niche topic or don’t fall into the categories of personal blogs or mass-posting blogs.

LinkTypeOther Notes
Austin Kleonpersonal bloga writer who draws
Scott Youngpersonal blogan expert on learning
The Dishpersonal blogbaseball writer, board game columnist, food and movie critic
Julia Evanspersonal blogprogramming and blogging
Alexey Guzeypersonal blog
Tracy Durnellpersonal bloga storyteller from Seattle
Roy Tangpersonal blogthe diary of a software developer
Taylor Townpersonal bloglearning, time, design, software, ideas, and humor
Dense Discoverynewsletttercurated links
Recomendonewslettterpersonal recommendations of cool stuff
Curious About Everythingnewsletttermonthly writing from around the web
Nomadiconewsletttertravel news
The Land of Randomnewslettterfun links
Fave Fivenewslettterfive great links
Boing Boingmass-posting blogzine, blog, and directory of mostly wonderful things
Kottkemass-posting blogcool internet finds
Lifehackermass-posting blogtech and productivity
Marginal Revolutionmass-posting blogeconomics and more
Colossalmass-posting blogart and visual expression
Cup of Jomass-posting bloglifestyle
Pen Addictblogpens and stationery
Stationery Pizzablogstationery
True Blue LAblogDodger baseball
Notedblogtips on notetaking
The Flavor Filesblogfood science
Planetizenblogurban planning news

πŸ”— Link Dump, 2023-09-13

  1. Calculate your relative strength. [πŸ”— strengthlevel.com]
  2. Advice for trans travelers. [πŸ”— travelwhiletrans.com]
  3. Jeff Varasano’s famous New York pizza recipe. [πŸ”— varasanos.com]
  4. The building where Greta Gerwig, Casey Neistat, Lena Dunham, and the Safdie brothers learned filmmaking. [⏯ youtube.com]
  5. AI language learning. [πŸ”— prettypolly.app]
  6. Easy-to-use online timers. [πŸ”— timerone.com]
  7. Visualize your life. [πŸ”— aaronbell.substack.com]

πŸ“š How to Never Run Out of Books to Read

  1. When you visit the library, check out more books than you think you need.
  2. Keep a list of books you want to read. Add titles when you hear good suggestions.
  3. Use Gutenberg and Anna’s Archive liberally.
  4. Place holds on books that aren’t currently available for checkout.
  5. Load your shelves with books you haven’t read yet but want to eventually.
  6. Build a Little Free Library so others will share books with you.
  7. Visit your local bookstore regularly.

🍺 Notes on Dresden

I spent 6 weeks in the fall of 2022 in Dresden, Germany. Here are my thoughts:

  • Neustadt is the hip place in Dresden. Alaunpark is always lively. There are food trucks in Alaunplatz almost every day. And there is a forest called Dresdner Heide for easy hiking.
  • We were lucky enough to be in Dresden during the fall festival. It is lovely. I can only imagine how wonderful their annual Christmas market is.
  • The symphony is excellent. We saw a performance of Schuman and Brahms.
  • Drink the beer. Eat the currywurst and dΓΆner kebabs.
  • Overall, the food in Dresden is excellent. Wide range of cuisines, all delicious.
  • Bastei is a short train ride away if you are into hiking. They have a reaction ferry to take you across the Elbe.
  • Dresden is a popular waypoint for those traveling between Berlin and Prague. Both are worth at least a day trip if you’re staying in Dresden. I recommend visiting the Mucha Museum in Prague if you like Art Nouveau.

πŸ“„ Blog Finders

In the table below, I’ve linked to dozens of websites for discovering the best of the web. They are lists, random website generators, and directories that curate the best blogs, personal websites, and blog posts. I’ll add to the list as time goes on. Beware of what you might be clicking, web addresses can change ownership suddenly and without notice. I’ll delete links that go bad as soon as I discover them. For my favorite internet things, check out my Random Internet Button or my link dumps. The table below is sorted in no particular order.

SiteFormatWhat is it?
wiby.merandomizersimple, non-commercial sites
hn.lindylearn.iolistblog posts and articles posted on Hacker News
readsomethinggreat.comrandomized listblog posts and articles
search.marginalia.nu/explore/randomrandomized directoryblogs and websites
sadgrl.online/cyberspace/surf-the-web.htmllistsearch engines and random site generators
indieseek.xyz/linksdirectoryIndieweb blogs and websites
personalsit.eslistblogs and personal websites
readsomethingwonderful.comscrollercurated blog posts and articles
hn-recommend.julienc.mesearch engineblog posts and articles shared on Hacker News
explore2.marginalia.nusearch engineblogs and websites
metaphor.systemssearch engineblog posts and articles
ooh.directorydirectoryblogs and personal websites
indieblog.pagerandomizerblog posts
collection.mataroa.bloglistblogs and personal websites
curlie.orgdirectoryblogs and websites
gossipsweb.net/personal-websitesdirectoryhandmade personal websites
ratcatcher.org/linkrolllistblogs and personal websites
weirdwidewebring.netlistblogs and personal websites
xn--sr8hvo.ws/directorydirectoryblogs and personal websites
biglist.terraaeon.comlistblogs and personal websites
sanlive.com/thinkylinkslistblog posts and articles
gyford.com/phil/blogrolllistblogs and newsletters
512kb.clublistlightweight websites
1mb.clublistlightweight websites
textonly.websitelistlightweight blogs and personal websites