🍔 Food Cooked, Feb 2024

I did some cooking this past month. Here are some new recipes I tried:

Frosted Flake Chicken Tenders

I ran out of breadcrumbs and read somewhere you can use Frosted Flakes.
I substituted honey for maple syrup and made honey mustard for dipping. Turned out way better than I thought it would.

Recipe: delish.com

Chocolate Chip Scones

This is an America’s Test Kitchen recipe (my go-to source for baking recipes). I used chocolate chips instead of blueberries. I needed way more flour than the recipe suggested.

Recipe: madeinmykitchen.com

Mark Bittman’s Tacos

There is nothing particularly special about this recipe. It’s just fun to make
hard taco shells.

Recipe: How to Cook Everything: The Basics

Oklahoma-Style Onion Burger

The onions take the burger to another level. A step up from your typical smash burger.

Recipe: seriouseats.com

Walnut Banana Bread

I didn’t have enough sugar so I added honey to compensate. Worked wonderfully.

Recipe: breaddad.com

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