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In the table below, I’ve linked to dozens of websites for discovering the best of the web. They are lists, random website generators, and directories that curate the best blogs, personal websites, and blog posts. I’ll add to the list as time goes on. Beware of what you might be clicking, web addresses can change ownership suddenly and without notice. I’ll delete links that go bad as soon as I discover them. For my favorite internet things, check out my Random Internet Button or my link dumps. The table below is sorted in no particular order.

SiteFormatWhat is it?
wiby.merandomizersimple, non-commercial sites
hn.lindylearn.iolistblog posts and articles posted on Hacker News
readsomethinggreat.comrandomized listblog posts and articles
search.marginalia.nu/explore/randomrandomized directoryblogs and websites
sadgrl.online/cyberspace/surf-the-web.htmllistsearch engines and random site generators
indieseek.xyz/linksdirectoryIndieweb blogs and websites
personalsit.eslistblogs and personal websites
readsomethingwonderful.comscrollercurated blog posts and articles
hn-recommend.julienc.mesearch engineblog posts and articles shared on Hacker News
explore2.marginalia.nusearch engineblogs and websites
metaphor.systemssearch engineblog posts and articles
ooh.directorydirectoryblogs and personal websites
indieblog.pagerandomizerblog posts
collection.mataroa.bloglistblogs and personal websites
curlie.orgdirectoryblogs and websites
gossipsweb.net/personal-websitesdirectoryhandmade personal websites
ratcatcher.org/linkrolllistblogs and personal websites
weirdwidewebring.netlistblogs and personal websites
xn--sr8hvo.ws/directorydirectoryblogs and personal websites
biglist.terraaeon.comlistblogs and personal websites
sanlive.com/thinkylinkslistblog posts and articles
gyford.com/phil/blogrolllistblogs and newsletters
512kb.clublistlightweight websites
1mb.clublistlightweight websites
textonly.websitelistlightweight blogs and personal websites

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