📚 List of Book Lists

Below is a table of my favorite book lists. The lists include award winners, end-of-year bests, and industry favorites. I will continue adding more lists to the table as I discover them. Newly discovered lists will be added to the top of the table. This is not a comprehensive collection, it’s just a list of lists that I personally appreciate and reference.

Books of Dense Discoverynonfictionsuggestions from the Dense Discovery newsletter
Books Recommended on the Ezra Klein Showallsuggestions from guests of The Ezra Klein Show podcast
The 100 Best Mystery and Thriller Books of All Timemystery, thrillerlist by TIME
The Top Novels of All Timefictionlist by Keith Law
Top 50 Novels of the Century (So Far)fictionlist by Keith Law
Pulitzer Prizefictionawards
Pulitzer Prize for Biographybiographyawards
Booker Prizefictionawards
Hugo Awardssci-fi/fantasyawards
Hugo Award for Novellasci-fi/fantasy novellaawards
Nebula Awardssci-fi/fantasyawards
Agatha Awardsmysteryawards
Edgar Allan Poe Awardsmysteryawards
Bram Stoker Awardshorrorawards
NPR’s list of best booksalllist by NPR
100 Best Books of All Timealllist by Reader’s Digest
Top 100 Crime Novels of All Timecrimelist by the British Crime Writers’ Association
Decoding Carmy’s Cookbook Shelves on The Bearcookinglist from ‘The Bear’
The 100 Greatest Children’s Books of All Timechildren’slist by the BBC
100 Books Every Man Should Readalllist by Art of Manliness

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