⚾ Some Thoughts on the Dodgers This Offseason

Ohtani is and should be the top priority, followed by Yamamoto.

They need to acquire at least two starting pitchers, preferably one front line. Buehler and Miller are the only locks for the rotation.

Pepiot might be a good trade chip. A regression to the mean is in order, and the Dodgers have a surplus of young righties.

I like Sheehan the most out of the young starters (outside of Miller, of course). I think the rest are expendable given the right deal.

Is it finally time to move Busch and/or Vargas? It’s hard to gauge how much trade value they even have.

I don’t see how a team can survive defensively with Lux and Muncy manning the left side of your infield. Do the Dodgers grab a shortstop? Is there even a capable shortstop available? What do you do with Lux? His best position is second, but that’s Mookie’s position now. Does Gavin become a trade chip?

If the Dodgers like Vargas as much as they say, they’d give him the left field job, but I think it’s just posturing. In which case, I’d like to see the Dodgers go outside the org for a starting left fielder. Hopefully, they can do a little better than David Peralta this offseason.

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