🍺 Notes on Dresden, Germany

I spent 6 weeks in the fall of 2022 in Dresden, Germany. Here are my thoughts:

  • Neustadt is the hip place in Dresden. Alaunpark is always lively. There are food trucks in Alaunplatz almost every day. And there is a forest called Dresdner Heide for easy hiking.
  • We were lucky enough to be in Dresden during the fall festival. It is lovely. I can only imagine how wonderful their annual Christmas market is.
  • The symphony is excellent. We saw a performance of Schuman and Brahms.
  • Drink the beer. Eat the currywurst and dΓΆner kebabs.
  • Overall, the food in Dresden is excellent. Wide range of cuisines, all delicious.
  • Bastei is a short train ride away if you are into hiking. They have a reaction ferry to take you across the Elbe.
  • Dresden is a popular waypoint for those traveling between Berlin and Prague. Both are worth at least a day trip if you’re staying in Dresden. I recommend visiting the Mucha Museum in Prague if you like Art Nouveau.

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