⚾ Notes on Visiting PNC Park in Pittsburgh

There might not be a better way to get to a ballpark than walking across those iconic yellow bridges over the Allegheny.

The ballpark maximizes its use of the city’s best features, the Allegheny River and that gorgeous Pittsburgh skyline. The outfield backs up to the river, so you get sweeping views of downtown Pittsburgh. There are bars, food booths, seating, and activities all along the pavilion. No better place to be.

The hamburgers are hockey pucks. The chicken tenders are decent. Both meals came with more fries than I could eat in one sitting. The condiment bar is excellent.

There was some good merch in the clubhouse store. A lot of love for the Pittsburgh Crawfords.

The between-inning pierogi race is high-quality entertainment.

The on-field product is consistently subpar due to owner Bob Nutting’s unwillingness to sufficiently finance personnel improvements as highlighted by the team’s abysmal draft pool usage.