💭 Some Thoughts, 2023-12-13

  1. A Cruise vehicle needs about 1.5 human operators per robot to cross San Francisco. We are a long way away from fully autonomous vehicles, folks.
  2. The CEO of HBO admitted to creating burner social media accounts to harass critics online. Between this and the MAX rebrand, what else does this guy have to do to get fired?
  3. I love the idea of pocket forests, especially if the trade-off is fewer parking lots.
  4. Unsurprisingly, e-bikes cut demand for oil more than electric cars. Now if only we built our city infrastructure to accommodate them.
  5. The Biden Administration announced $8.2 billion in funding for passenger rail. What an exciting time for American infrastructure.
  6. Amsterdam cut speed limits within the city to less than 19 mph. It’s expected to decrease serious accidents by as much as 30%.
  7. The night train between Paris and Berlin is back. More night trains, please.
  8. Greedflation is a real thing.
  9. Public Domain Day is almost upon us.
  10. Home Alone is one of twenty-five films added to the National Film Registry this year. Well deserved.
  11. The Los Angeles Dodgers signed Shohei Ohtani to a whopping $700 million contract. However, after deferrals, the real-day value of the contract is only $437.8 million. The Dodgers stand to make tens of millions of dollars annually in endorsements alone from Ohtani’s addition. It’s a huge win for ownership and a huge win for Dodgers fans.

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