๐Ÿ”— Link Dump #24

  1. Internet search tips. [๐Ÿ”— gwern.net]
  2. A collection of daily puzzle games. [๐Ÿงต ask.metafilter.com]
  3. The definitive guide to living without a smartphone. [๐Ÿ”— insanelyfree.substack.com]
  4. Kramer’s list of Los Angeles sandwiches. [๐Ÿ”— krmr.com]
  5. Tracking all of the songs Trudy listens to. [๐Ÿ”— trudy.tube]
  6. Recently extinct species. [๐Ÿ”— recentlyextinctspecies.com]
  7. Really cool tips. [๐Ÿ”— reallycool.tips]
  8. A city-naming quiz. [๐Ÿ”— cityquiz.io]
  9. Cory Doctorow’s upcoming book on enshittification. [๐Ÿ’ธ kickstarter.com]