💭 Some Thoughts, 2023-07-21

  1. Chattanooga gets incredible thunderstorms.
  2. A good aquarium has both creatures from all over the world and hyper-local exhibits.
  3. Bicycles are hands down the most fun mode of transportation. Trains are second. #urbanism
  4. I hope Threads keeps to its promise of federation. I want Mastodon to succeed and the more Twitter clones joining the Fediverse, the better. #web and tech
  5. Summer is wildfire season in California. Smoke is the norm. If this summer is any indication of the future, that norm won’t apply only to California but to the entire United States.
  6. Driving through Kentucky recently I saw a search party at one end of the state and a coroner’s van at the other. Makes me wonder what in the world is going on in Kentucky.
  7. Mascots of the Pittsburgh Pirates include a parrot and five pierogies. That’s hard to beat. #sports