💭 Some Thoughts, 2023-08-15

  1. People underestimate how dope BRT is when done right. #urbanism
  2. The Halloween season shouldn’t start until October. Likewise, Christmas shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving. People begin decorating earlier and earlier every year, and I will not stand for it.
  3. I thought it was bad when I put a hold on the ebook for Crook Manifesto and found myself 58th in line. Yesterday I put a hold on The Wager, and I’m currently 121st in line. #books and media
  4. I’m reading Magpie Murders and decided to look up the author’s bio. Not only is Horowitz far more prolific than I realized, but he also wrote a few episodes of Poirot, one of my all-time favorite shows. #books and media
  5. I find the background sounds feature on iPhone immensely useful and something I wish I had known about sooner. #web and tech
  6. The number one amateur Korean prospect Hyun-Seok Jang decided to forgo the KBO draft to sign with the Dodgers. What a coup. Hopefully, the fireballer bypasses the complex league and begins his career in A-ball next season. #sports